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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Cleaning

On this rainy day I was so glad that the new garden was thriving.  But I had not done the Spring Cleaning. Here it was nearly Summer.  I came from a family of seasonal thinkers.  Holiday decor goes up fathfully, as well as birthday food, flag flying days and yes Spring cleaning.
It is the time to rid your life of the dust bunnies and soot that forms on your life.  It is symbolic, to cleanse.  It is hard but when done one feels renewed.
So today I reflected on a time I spent in Singapore where our secretary took a week off - not to travel or play but to clean. She took everything out of her house and cleaned the top to bottom.  Nothing broken or unnessasry had a chance.
Today my husband and I rolled up carpets and Murphy Oil soaped the 99 year old oak floors and I magically erased the bathroom grime. Exhausted we relaxed over a cup of tea feeling renewed.  Next week the kitchen.  I am hoping for rain.

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